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Men in Skirts, Kilts & Sarongs:
Rules Meant To Be Broken

For many thousands of years cultures around the world experimented with countless ways to cover up from the elements while enhancing their visual appearances. Yet, in the last century, nearly all of modern society has adopted a rather narrow set of unwritten rules about fashion. Why are men particularly so limited in garment choices?

From a practical perspective, many garments styles worn by men over the last dozen centuries provided more freedom of movement and versatility than the standard mass-market garb of today. Pants were a useful invention for working the factories, mines and farm fields or the industrial age, but why should men be limited to the trappings of traditional workwear in the modern digital age?

Uniformity is not always a good idea because people are individuals with a vast range of desires and expressions. Skirts, kilts, sarongs, tunics and other garment configurations were common wardrobe options for men over the centuries. But the thought of men in skirts today is a completely foreign concept in mainstream fashion. Why?

What has uniformity gotten us? Well, mass production of the same limited styles has allowed a a sizable population of the world to become enslaved to produce fashions for others. Long gone are the tailors and seamstresses of yore who made garments to fit the individual tastes of their distinguished customers. however, with today's ability to serve discerning customers by internet, there is no reason to have wardrobe limitations for those who desire more options.

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